Private Dinner Parties & Events

Dinner Parties, Family/Friend Gatherings Holiday Parties, & More!

The Way Cool Cooking School’s private cooking parties provide a fun and engaging alternative to going to a restaurant or someone’s home to celebrate life’s milestones.

Some of our options include experiences like chef led, hands-on cooking parties, and lighthearted competitions such as Chopped or Cupcake Wars. Whatever your groups’ needs and tastes are, we can customize a menu that is perfect for you. We invite you, your friends, and family, to cook and celebrate in our kitchens!

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Cooking Challenges

Bring your friends and family to our kitchen for a friendly competition from your favorite food show, like Chopped or Cupcake Wars, that ends in a dinner party as you enjoy what you make! Check out our challenge options below!

Chef Led Dinner Parties

Gather your family and friends for a delicious dinner party made by you and our Way Cool Chefs! Learn how to make homemade pasta or tapas and enjoy everything you make. See our menu options below!