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If your child loves watching Cupcake Wars on TV they will truly love celebrating their birthday creating cupcakes at the Way Cool Cooking School. 

This party is perfect for kid bakers ages 8 and up.

The challenge begins with the guests being divided into two teams; team chocolate cupcake and team vanilla cupcake. Kids work together to follow and execute a recipe, creating enough cupcakes for everyone to decorate one chocolate and one vanilla cupcake. Cupcakes go in the oven and then we are on to spaghetti to have something savory to eat too! Kids are given piping bags and a variety of sprinkles to decorate their individual cupcakes. The Way Cool chefs will taste a cupcake from each team and pick a winning cupcake based on flavor, texture, and teamwork. The winning team receives a way cool prize.

You will walk in the door to a table set with linens, cupcake themed plates, napkins, cups and straws, a colorful decorated cake with candles, and activity sheets for the kids to decorate.  What makes this party truly unique is your Way Cool Chefs will take over the minute you walk in the door; entertaining and teaching everyone how to create the delicious menu you see below.



Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating with Sprinkle Bar and Piping Bags

All Our Parties Include

  • Digital and Printable Invitations
  • 3 Hands-On Cooking Projects
  • A Two Layer Cake
  • A Souvenir Apron for the Birthday Child
  • Themed Paper Products and Decorations
  • Birthday Candles to Celebrate
  • Lemonade and/or Water for Guests
  • Way Cool Cooking School Signature Pizza Recipe Cards

Price: $349.00 for up to 10 guests, additional guests $30.00 each 

Please call us to book you birthday party 952-949-6799

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